Boys & Girls Champs 2017 #Champs2017

Champs 2017 (#Champs2017) will be Mar 28 through April 01, 2017

The ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys & Girls Athletic Championships (“Champs”) will begin on Mar 28, 2017 at 9AM and end April 01, 2017 just after 8PM. One thing we can be sure of is that the winning schools on the boys and girls side will be no April’s fools.

You may remember that the Gibson-McCook relays was just over a week ago.

Live Stream Champs 2017

1SpotMedia reprises their coverage of Champs on Pay-Per-View.

You may purchase the event from 1SpotMedia (use the https when ordering or click link) and live stream #Champs any day from March 28 through April 1, 2017.

WARNING: It is expensive in our opinion and 1SpotMedia does well to entice us to purchase the entire event, though many do not watch the first 3 days online.

Represent Your School

Whether you are going to the National Stadium, watching on TV, listening on the radio, or live-streaming, don’t forget to represent your school here on Yowlink. If your school already has a Yow group, join and represent. Otherwise, create one.

As always, stay tuned to Yowlink for more information.


9 responses to “Champs 2017 (#Champs2017) will be Mar 28 through April 01, 2017”

  1. The Unnamed Avatar
    The Unnamed

    Defending Champions are Edwin Allen (Girls Champs) and Calabar (Boys Champs). This year has it’s favorites, expected contenders, and controversies already. @csharpe, you have to tell your favorites, this year… on the Girls’ side that is. We know who your purple cough white cough favorites are on the Boys’ side is already.

  2. Desai Franklin Avatar

    I man representing The College still. KC all the way.
    The College has closed the gap on favorites Cbar. Cbar didn’t seem to send many of their athletes to Gibsos-McCook possibly to surprise people. Dem remain favorites BUT I expect The College to fight tooth and nails and take the crown back to North Street.

  3. Yowlink Support Avatar

    What about the young man from Uganda who will represent KC? What do you Yowlinkers think about that? Check out the following.

    KC also had someone from Anguilla 2 years ago. Remember Zharnel Hughes of Anguilla?

    Yowlinkers, #Champs2017 is about to begin and very few people are commenting. Very strange.

    1. The Unnamed Avatar
      The Unnamed

      He did not run in the 800M. He is expected to represent KC in 1500 and 5000. Mr @csharpe, can you confirm?

    2. The Unnamed Avatar
      The Unnamed

      Rogers from Uganda was beaten by the 1st year class 2 runner from Calabar (who actually broke the record) in the 1500M. He will still run the 3000M finals.

  4. The Unnamed Avatar
    The Unnamed

    Champs has just begun about 5 hours ago and already there are at least 3 records broken, all in the Heats…

  5. The Unnamed Avatar
    The Unnamed

    After 2 finals of #Champs2017 and at end of day 2, defending champions are not leading. Instead Kingston College leads boys and Hydel High leads girls.

    Boys Champs
    1. KC – 27
    2. JC – 12
    3. Calabar – 11

    Girls Champs
    1. Hydel – 12
    2. Immaculate – 11
    3. St Jago, Holmwood – 10

  6. The Unnamed Avatar
    The Unnamed

    After 6 finals of on each side of Boys & Girls #Champs2017 at end of day 3, the point standing has KC and Edwin Allen leading the races.

    Boys Champs
    1. KC – 74
    2. Calabar – 36
    3 JC – 32
    4 Petersfield – 31
    5. St Jago – 30

    Girls Champs
    1. Edwin Allen – 40
    2. Hydel – 33
    3. Excelsior – 30
    4. St. Jago – 27
    5. Holmwood – 26

  7. The Unnamed Avatar
    The Unnamed

    At the end of day 4 of the ISSA Boys & Girls #Champs2017, KC and Edwin Allen still lead but Calabar has closed the 38 point gap to 7 points and are now, according to the analysts and commentators, back in driver’s seat. I think Mr @csharpe might disagree. We will see come tomorrow starting at 1PM Eastern, 2PM Daylight.

    Boys Champs
    1. KC – 139
    2. Calabar – 132
    3. JC – 98
    4. St Jago – 69

    Girls Champs
    1. Edwin Allen – 130
    2. Holmwood – 110
    3. St Jago- 104
    4. Hydel – 89

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