Monday morning quarterback and soap-box, post-#Champs2017

A huge congratulations to Calabar High and Edwin Allen High for winning Boys and Girls Champs 6 and 4 consecutive times respectively. That’s indeed a great feat. The athletes were the best, they performed well, and their coaches were the best two coaches at the event.

The results on the Boys side was not expected by many, including me BUT I always knew it was a two-horse race between eventual winners Calabar and Kingston College (KC). On the Girls side, I always felt Edwin Allen had too much fire power to be caught but Hydel High, St Jago High, and Holmwood Technical made it quite interesting for most of the championships.

I congratulate ISSA, the TVJ staff, 1SpotMedia, the student athletes, coaches, the great fans, and others for a great championships. As analyst Bruce James said at the end, and I paraphrase,

“This is the best track meet in the world… notice I didn’t say high school?”

.On behalf of Yowlink, I beseech you to come together Jamaicans… Caribbean people, and see how we can impress the world with things like #Champs2017 and the brave kids 11-18 who performed well and hard. Those things build the great nation of Jamaica and their loving, God-fearing, law-biding, competitive citizens. It’s a good place. Let’s not continue to destroy our image with murders, rape, gangs, scams, fights, and nonsense. Lets stomp out the madness with great events and participation like this. Show the world, we can root for different teams and still be “one people”.

I must thank the Yowlink staff for their contribution during the entire #Champs2017.


2 responses to “Monday morning quarterback and soap-box, post-#Champs2017”

  1. The Unnamed Avatar
    The Unnamed

    Yes sir. Ditto. Could not say it any better and am happy you, as a KC man, are fine with the results. 🙂

  2. Alain Sewell Avatar

    Great event? Yes
    Love the results? No
    Best Coaches from Calabar? Don’t know
    Best preparation from Calabar? Seems that way
    Feelings when Rodgers took Ugandan flag and paraded? Confused. He thought this was pro meet?
    Best Champs ever? Up there for me but would have been even better had The College won and by 16+ so nobody can say Ari Rodgers made us win.
    Feelings about Jhevaughn Matterson? Not sure. Great athlete but a bit injury-prone
    Yowlink representation? You guys are good but I didn’t see much activity on site or FB this champs

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