World Cup 2018 begins in Russia

World Cup 2018 begins in Russia today, in a few hours, with the host team “kicking off” with the first match.

What are your predictions for this World Cup?

Who is your favorite team?

Which teams will go to the finals?

Who will lift the coveted cup in the world’s most popular sport and the largest sporting event in the world?

For the first time since I was a boy, I have no “horse”

Having no Jamaica, no USA, and no other Caribbean teams in this years’ World Cup Finals, I may root for England and some underdogs on a match-by-match basis.






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  1. C. Sharpe Avatar

    Russia wins the opener easily, 5-0 over a hapless Saudi Arabian team which became the latest victim in openers against a host. The host has NEVER lost the opener in a World Cup match.

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