Selling Online – ECommerce Platform Comparison

You wish to start your own eCommercie site but don’t know how to go about it?  Check out and search for “starting my own ecommerce business” or “selling products online” and watch a few of those videos.

If you are new to this whole eCommerce thing, you are looking for:

  1. a domain name – e.g.
  2. an ecommerce platform to host your site

Domain Name

There are many places to get a domain name, including some of the ecommerce platforms themselves. However, a few you might have heard of are,, or (usually among the lower prices).

ECommerce Site

For monthly ecommerce hosting, there are many platforms to choose from. I am selecting 5 of the lowest-cost ones that excel in one aspect or another.  Review each of the five and select the one that is best suitable for based on what is important to you (pricing or features or price to feature), as of January 24, 2021.

Ecwid Venture plan
Venture plan – 15/mo

BigCommerce Essential – Standard
Essential Standard – 29.99/mo

GoDaddy ECommerce (WooCommerce) – 15.99/mo

Shopify – Basic Shopify
Basic Shopify – 29/mo

Wix Business Basic
Business Basic – 23/mo


Shopify – most popular and usually jighest rated but expensive

EcWid – might be best option in in terms of features to price


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