Jamaica “on the road” to becoming a Republic

You may remember just over a year ago, in 2022, Andrew Holness revealed to Prince William that Jamaica intended to become a republic, “moving on” from the “crown“. This happened on the Prince and Princess’ visit to the island.

BBC News (via Youtube): Jamaica’s PM tells William his country is “moving on” to become Republic

A few months later, Holness and the Jamaican government revealed its intent to become a republic by 2025.

Avoiding the history and civic lessons, we know that Jamaica and Jamaican descendants of slaves have not received a formal apology or reparations for the atrocities of slavery and the wealth garnered from it that helped propel Britain to “Great” status. We also know that Jamaica became an “independent” state from Britain in 1962 ( notice “independent” in quotes ) but head of state was still the monarch whose representative in Jamaica has been the Governor General.

Around Jan, 2023, Holness showed his commitment to “moving on” by setting up the search for members to make up the so-called “Constitutional Reform Committee (CRC)“.

In late March, 2023, after the 14-member committee was announced ( JIS: Holness announces members of the Constitution Reform Committee), the Jamaican people, lead by the Church, publicly opposed the selection of a non-Jamaican ( international constitutional law expert, Professor Richard Albert ), despite his qualifications, as a full committee member.

The types of questions asked were:

1. Why is a non-Jamaican selected for the CRC?

2. Why was someone with drastically opposing views to an overwhelming majority of Jamaicans on the CRC?

3. Why not make the member an advisor instead and place another Jamaican on the committee?

Making up the 14-member committee (the 13 others are Jamaicans) are:
– Marlene Malahoo Forte (co-chair),
– Rocky Meade (co-chair),
– Dr. Derrick McKoy,
– Tom Tavares Finson,
– Ransford Braham,
– Donna Scott Mottley,
– Anthony Hylton,
– Dr. Lloyd Barnett (national constitutional expert),
– Professor Richard Albert (international constitutional law expert),
– Hugh Small,
– Dr. David Henry (faith-based society leader),
– Dr. Nadeen Spence (civil society rep),
– Lalieta Davis Mattis (National Reparations chair),
– Sujae Boswell

What are your thoughts on any of the items covered:
1. Jamaica on the road to becoming a republic
2. Telling the prince on his visit to Jamaica
3. The time frame – 2025
4. The CRC members
5. The controversial professor Albert


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