Cable TV or “Skinny Bundles” or neither?


In a recent tweet, a person going by River Ave. Blues (@RiverAveBlues) stated the following:

CableTV is expensive, very expensive!

Skinny bundles” are expensive, some very expensive, they are definitely not “skinny” though they may not have all the channels that are available via CableTV, as you see from the tweet.

Antenna plus free streaming services like PlutoTV are an option as mentioned before in this post.

What happened to the promise of choosing your own channels when Internet speeds were faster than 25 Mbps? Nonexistent!

Many people said they would love the opportunity to choose the channels they watch. From those I have spoken to and my own interest, I’ve come up with 15-20 channels, something like the following:

  • 5 local network channels – PBS, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC affiliates,
  • 1 local sports channel,
  • 5 sports channels – ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports1, Fox Sports 2, TNT national sports+ channels,
  • 2 documentary channels,
  • 2 other channels

That’s 15 channels! Even if it is 20 channels, I am among many who would take that and pay $20 – $40 USD per month. Free-dom! But, freedom is a myth when it comes to TV and streaming services.

As Peta-Gaye would say, “talk to me nuh“!






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