Reggae Girlz shock the world again with 1-0 win vs PAN

The Reggae Girlz of Jamaica (JAM) shocked the world and moved into 2nd place of Group F in the 2023 Women’s World Cup with one match to go in the group stage.

Playing without superstar “Bunny” Shaw, who was on a red card, JAM held on to a 1-0 win from a brilliant header by [game] captain CB Allyson Swaby off a Trudi Carter corner kick in the second half. JAM could have gone up 2-0 late but a hand ball just inside the 18-yard box by the Panamanian defender which was called a penalty on field was reviewed and reversed.

Nonetheless, here’s the scenario for the GIrlz to make the knockout round.

They must *steal* at least a point from the mighty BRA or the most unlikely scenario has to happen, which is PAN beats FRA by 2 goals. Of those two tough scenarios, the more likely scenario is JAM drawing the match with BRA.

If JAM gets in, it is at the expense of either the #5 or #9 team… which I suspect FIFA and Australia do not want. It’s a good story but it doesn’t make MONEY! Jamaica has an uphill climb.

Go for it, Reggae Girlz!



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